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Finance and budget in Orebro Municipality.

The municipality’s income consists of three parts: municipal tax, fees for certain services, and government grants. The municipal tax rate, which is the largest item, is for residents of the Municipality of Örebro 21.35 per hundred earned. How distributed $ 100 Here you can see how the municipality’s costs were distributed in municipal activities 2018th […]

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Hällefors is a town and city center in Hällefors municipality in Örebro county Hällefors was and is a church village in Hällefors parish, where Hällefors land municipality was established at the municipal reform in 1862. The county municipality was converted in 1950 to Hällefors shopping where Hällefors building covered only a small part of the […]

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Orebro City

Örebro   It is the seventh largest city in Sweden and one of the largest inland hubs of the country. It is located near the lake of Hjälmaren, although a few kilometres inland along the small river Svartån. Örebro is home to Örebro University, a major university hospital, a medieval castle, the water park Gustavsvikas well as several large shopping malls and the […]

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