Study in Sweden and the most important universities
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Study in Sweden and the most important universities

Study in Sweden

Sweden has many prestigious educational institutions, institutes and universities, and Uppsala University was founded in 1447

Among the most prestigious universities in addition to the University of Lund, which is an educational destination for many students, as well as Stockholm University, which is well known.

In Sweden there are two different terms used to describe institutions of higher education in Sweden: the university (universitet) and the university college (högskola). Universities are automatically entitled to grant a PhD in philosophy, while this right is not available to university colleges. However, some university colleges have been granted this right in certain fields of study.

As for the right to grant diplomas other than doctorates, there is no difference between universities and university colleges. The certificate granted by a university college is equivalent to the certificate granted by the university. The difference then differs from one institution to another in its offerings in terms of programs, departments and colleges. Below, we will give you a brief introduction about a few higher education institutions in Sweden. For the complete list of institutions and for more information in English, please visit

KarolinskaInstitutet Institute in Stockholm is one of the leading medical universities in the world. It is the place where more than 40 percent of academic medical research is conducted in Sweden, and it offers the widest range of education in medicine and health sciences in Sweden. It should be noted that, since 1901, the Nobel Prize Society meets at the KarolinskaInstitutet Institute where it selects the annual Nobel Prize winners in physiology (physiology) or medicine.

Uppsala University is recognized for hosting the most important research center in Sweden, and is one of the 100 best universities in the world. Lund University offers a wide range of educational curricula taught in the English language, including 70 master’s degree programs and 300 courses with a single subject. Lund University also offers curricula for a PhD, in addition to many postgraduate opportunities. Every year, Lund University in southern Sweden hosts about 3,000 students from all over the world.

Chalmers University of Technology is one of the leading universities for technology sciences in Europe and has a long history in the fields of engineering including interior architecture, mathematics and natural sciences. Masters programs are closely related to research fields and they are all taught in English. Chalmers University is located in Gothenburg, southwestern Sweden.

The Royal Institute of Technology – KTH – in Sweden is one of the leading technical universities offering diplomas in undergraduate and graduate education in the fields of architectural design, engineering and technology. Being a research university, the courses taught at KTH always include the latest scientific research results. KTH was founded in the year 1827 and its main campus is in central Stockholm

Uppsala University is a comprehensive international research university specializing in advanced science, scholarships and higher education. Uppsala University starred,
It is located in the center of Sweden, for more than 500 years, being a distinguished educational edifice that provides amazing opportunities for students and researchers at all levels.

Umea University in northern Sweden offers all degrees of higher education through courses and study programs distributed in most academic fields. Students come to this university from all over Sweden as well as from many other countries to continue their studies by choosing over 300 courses taught in the English language.

The Örebro University includes more than 17,000 people between a student and a teacher and is considered one of the emerging universities compared to the University of Uppsala and Stockholm, but in addition to that it is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe in terms of technology and the study of robots, in addition to the sign language, in addition to the city’s location in central Sweden and the city’s proximity to The capital, which makes the university a destination for many students.

Konstfack is the largest university college teaching arts, crafts and design in Sweden. Through multi-disciplinary exploration workshops in craft sciences, arts and design, the Master of Fine Arts program qualifies you to embark on both research and professional life. This university is located on the outskirts of Stockholm.

The University of Stockholm Economics (SSE) offers first-class international competitive study programs in the fields of business administration and economics. Proficiency in Swedish is necessary for undergraduate degree programs in Stockholm while Master of Science, MBA and PhD programs are taught entirely in English. SSE offers three undergraduate programs and two masters degree programs.

The University of Stockholm is one of the largest universities in Sweden that teaches undergraduate and master’s degree programs to more than 50,000 students and doctoral programs for 1,800 students and 6,000 employees. The university is located in the Swedish capital, and is the region’s center for higher education and scientific research in the fields of humanities, law and natural and social sciences, and is also the main business location for eminent international researchers. Many people of different nationalities contribute to creating a great international climate within the walls of Stockholm University.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – SLU – provides cutting edge knowledge about our biological natural resources and about human management and sustainable use of these resources. This is achieved through education, research and environmental assessment in cooperation with a group of representatives of civil society as a whole. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has several campuses throughout Sweden.

The University of Gothenburg attaches importance to research and teaching. The enrollment of nearly 39,000 students and 5,000 employees makes it one of the largest universities in Northern Europe. The university has approximately 40 different departments covering most of the scientific specializations, which makes it one of the largest and most widespread institutions of higher education in Sweden.

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