Parks in Orebro city
Örebro Sweden Sweden

Parks in Orebro city


In Örebro there are many fine parks and green spaces to enjoy. Many of the parks have play areas as well as areas for relaxation and exercise

City Park, City Park and Great Park

queen’s park

Henry Allards park

Karla park

Karl Lund garden & park

Continuing place

Norrby park

Oskar park

Park H agen

Roast parks

Saxons park

Skebäck park

shooting park

Castle park

Svea park


Tybble park

Vallåkra park

Varberga park

Vivalla Hill

West Green Pepper Park

Väståparken and Haga Park

micro Parks

For added comfort in central Örebro we have begun to transform the neglected small places for micro parks, in miniature. The idea is to create inspiring places for meetings, games, experiences or a short rest. Read more about the micro parks.

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Art walks

When the City Park was taken over by the Municipality of Örebro in 1971 was one of the conditions to SEK 15 000 per year would be allocated to garden limited company. The money, which is index-linked, will be used for investment in new art and to the maintenance of the existing art. Today, moving annual sum of about 105 000.

Learn more about Garden City Park Corporation and history here.

Art Walk in City Park

Here you will find the map and description of the works in the City Park (pdf, 953.1 KB) Magnolia Hikes

For over 50 years ago planted some magnolias in the City Park. Since 1999, they have increased in both number and species. Today, the number of magnolias in Orebro passed well over 100 pieces. Most are around the castle and the city park. There are two magnolia hikes you can follow to find different species and varieties, together about 60 pieces. One will guide you in the center of Örebro and the other in the city park.

Magnolia Hiking in central Örebro (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Magnolia Walking in City Park (pdf, 1MB)

Safety in the Parks

In Örebro we are constantly working to make parks safer to live in. Every year we improve the lighting and removing shrubbery that is perceived as unpleasant

Support Feeding the birds

Örebro support feeding birds during the winter months, when the birds are difficult to survive on the food they find themselves. Learn more about the support feeding birds.


The near-urban natural and forest areas are called natural land.

dog Playground

You can read more about planning and managing dog playgrounds, starting and running a dog playground on municipal land.

Felling in the park or natural land

If you want to apply to have the tree felled in the park or natural land? Read more about it in the “Guidelines for tree felling at the municipal park or natural land” (pdf, 125.6 KB) . The application allows you to form “Application for tree felling at the municipal park or natural land.” (PDF, 47.5 KB)

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