Housing and health in Orebro
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Housing and health in Orebro

Information on housing and health that concern you as an individual and as a property owner, for example, about what happens when you are bothered by noise in your home, installation of geothermal heat, if there is moisture and mold in your house and where you go if you want to measure the radon levels



Noise pollution in the home

Sound that we feel disturbed and most want to avoid is called noise. Noise pollution in a home can be due, for example, fans, elevators, neighbors, traffic, construction sites and entertainment venues.

Animal welfare and pests

If you suspect that animals in distress contact the County Administrative Board of Örebro. Information on the condition of having poisonous snake, jackdaws and gulls, stray cats and the owner’s responsibility, pests and rats.

Easily remedied obstacles

There are rules on requirements for accessibility and usability for people with reduced mobility or orientation. The requirements for accessibility and usability is that as many people as possible to participate in society on equal terms.

Moisture and mold

Many houses suffer from dampness which is both expensive and difficult to deal with and can lead to mold formation. If you suspect there is a moisture problem in your home then you should first contact your landlord.


Lifts and other motorized devices shall be designed and installed so that they provide adequate protection for the health and safety in the use, maintenance and inspection.

Indoor climate

Most of our lives we are staying indoors. It is therefore important that the indoor environment is as good as possible. Temperature, humidity and air velocity affects the indoor environment.

Mandatory Ventilation control (OVI)

Mandatory Ventilation control is a control of a building’s ventilation system to determine if the indoor climate is good enough.

Radon in the home

Radon is a health risk that you can do something about. You can measure the radon in your home by ordering radon meter from an approved measuring laboratory.

Sweeping and fire control

Many fires in homes due to deficiencies in fireplaces and chimneys. By sweeping and fire control before you build fires and other accidents.

Learn more about chimney sweeping and fire control Nerike fire service website.

Wood heating

Wood burning is one of the largest sources of hazardous air pollutants in Sweden. By firing properly benefit to both the environment and health, and to help air get better where you live.

Heat pumps and geothermal heat

Heat pumps that utilize heat from rock, soil, groundwater and surface water generally has a positive environmental effect, but can sometimes affect the groundwater and provide a certain negative impact on the environment. Therefore, a notification to the Environmental Protection Office before you install a heat pump.


Work within the water protection

Water protection protector a water source to the measures that may have a negative impact on the water supply. List of actions that require notification or authorization. Water protection and accident prevention.

Car wash

It is not good for the environment to wash your car right on the street, driveway or parking lot. Wash the car in a car wash, where wash and effluent is treated.

The dilapidated and dangerous buildings

If you are a property owner is required to maintain your buildings and make sure they are cared for condition. Sign dilapidated and dangerous buildings.


In order to buy and use fireworks must be at least 18 years. It is important that the launch will take into account the environment and do everything that accidents will not occur. It is also important to take into account the neighbors to reduce the risk of interference.

unkempt grounds

Plot owners are required to clean and keep their land in tended condition. It also applies to public places.

Smoke-free environments

The municipality is responsible for supervision of non-smoking areas and, if the law is not enforced submit, with or without penalty, the person responsible.

Safety on the roof

The rules on the roof cover is intended to prevent the risk of accidents when you get up on the roof, moving on roofs as well as working on the roof.

Drought and fire

Once dry, a small spark quickly spread to a major fire. It is the County Board decides on fire ban.

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