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Get home in Orebro Municipality

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In Örebro there are many different types of accommodation to choose from; tenancy, tenant, condominium, senior or student among others.


ÖrebroBostäder AB (Öbo)

ÖrebroBostäder AB (Islander) is Örebro’s municipal housing companies and is the largest landlord in Örebro. Öbo have a wide variety of housing: houses, villas, apartment buildings and rooms centrally as well as in the various districts and in smaller cities around the municipality. Market places and housing allocation


Housing companies in Orebro

Contact if you have no link to any housing company in Orebro.

AB Home

Abrams’s estate

Arbonova Fastigheter AB

Asplund Estate

Alvar Pettersson Property AB

Behrn Fastigheter AB


Carlsson & Åqvist Property

Egeryds Property

Esswege Fastigheter AB

FF-Fastighetsservice AB


Hermansson Property


Husherren Estate


K2A Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter AB

The carafe AB

Krafft Estate

Lansa properties

John Ekström Bygg

Lars Göran Söderberg Estate


Länsgården Fastigheter AB

Melin Property AB

OP Properties

PG Jönsson Estate

Ragnarsson Fastigheter AB


SHH Bostad AB

Sjöborgs Property

Slättö Management

Swedish Church’s properties in Örebro AB

Södermalm Tower

The turbine Fastigheter AB


Victoria Park

Västerstaden AB


Student Housing

In Örebro there are many different types of student residences. For example you can stay in the corridor, in an apartment or in a shared apartment. Student accommodation is available both on campus, centrally and in different neighborhoods, all to be able to find an accommodation that suits you. Landlords with student housing and mortgage guarantee

ÖrebroBostäder AB (Öbo)

Örebro in comparison to other university cities, relatively good access to residences. There is high pressure on each term so you have to seek accommodation in advance. The largest landlord of student housing is Örebro’s municipal landlord Islander.


As an immigrant new student at Örebro University you may be entitled to housing guarantee. More information about student housing and mortgage guarantee is of Islander.

Private landlords with student housing

There are also several private landlords with different types of student housing. Behrn Fastigheter, Swedish Church, Asplund Real Estate, Real Estate Husherren and John Ekstrom Construction has approximately 100 student housing was, at various places in Örebro.

Behrn Fastigheter AB

Swedish Church’s properties in Örebro AB

Asplund Estate

Husherren Estate

John Ekström Bygg

Botrygg AB

Rent Housing in Örebro

Swedish student house–trafik/bostader–tomter/skaffa-bostad.html

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