Finance and budget in Orebro Municipality.
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Finance and budget in Orebro Municipality.

The municipality’s income consists of three parts: municipal tax, fees for certain services, and government grants. The municipal tax rate, which is the largest item, is for residents of the Municipality of Örebro 21.35 per hundred earned.

How distributed $ 100

Here you can see how the municipality’s costs were distributed in municipal activities 2018th

Pie charts, so this was distributed $ 100 in municipal activities 2018th

How were distributed $ 100 in municipal activities in 2018. Click on the image to see it in larger size.

More information about the various activities

Primary Activities – 23 kr

The number of students is increasing. New schools are planned and existing expanded. Three areas of development will lead to greater effectiveness; systematic quality management, digitization and new arrivals learning.


Cost of a primary site: 96 304 SEK

Population 6-15: 17 986

Number of students in municipal schools: 14 839

Number of pupils in independent primary school: 2463

Percentage of students who reach upper secondary qualifications, percent: 80

Elderly care – 21 kr

In 2019 opens a new care home in Karlslund with 68 seats. Orebro has high ambitions for the elderly where people can age on their own terms.


Cost per accommodation, location, health care and care homes: 627 821 SEK

Residents age 65 and older who live in Örebro: 27,032

Residents 85 and older who live in Örebro: 3556

The number of unique people who have home care: 3094

Number of places in nursing homes: 1211

Pre – 13 kr

Many children are born and the need for pre-school places is great. Preschools built including Lillån and Brickebacken. The preschools will provide a safe care that is fun, educational and stimulating the development of children.


Cost for a place in kindergarten: 128 158 SEK

Number of children 1-5 years: 9416

Number of pre-school places (municipal): 7145

Number of pre-school places (independent director): 1096

Share of pre-school children in the municipality who attend preschool percent: 87

Measures for Persons with Disabilities – 11 kr

The municipality plans for the new group homes. The stakes These include accommodation, personal assistance, daily activities, escort services and housing support. Developmental work on how new technology can increase the quality of life, participation and independence for people with disabilities.


Average cost per day of home care activities: 1129 SEK

Number of people with assistance under LSS (Act on Special Assistance): 1385

Number of people with housing support under SSA (Social Services Law): 599

Individual and family – SEK 9

The goal for individual and family care that families and individuals to receive support that meets their needs and that they are able to influence and participation. In addition, the goal is that the citizens’ living conditions should be equal.


Percentage of the population at some time during the year received financial assistance, percent: 4.4

Average assistance period, months per year: 6.2

The proportion unemployed: 4.3% and in labor policy programs 4.6%.

Number of unique actualized matters of social office: 3036

Average cost per day of care: 2610 SEK

Secondary school – SEK 7

The number of pupils in secondary schools is increasing after several years of reduced student hills. Örebro secondary schools should be in the forefront of school improvement, effectiveness and focus on knowledge and education. Pupils are confident, feel good and get help and support according to their needs also reaches good results.


Cost for a place in secondary schools: 101 416 SEK

Population 16-18 years: 4990

Number of students in the public secondary school (accommodation in Örebro county): 3968

Number of pupils in independent upper secondary school: 1420

Percentage of students with high school diploma or proof of study within four years, per cent: 76

Infrastructure and Protection – 5 SEK

In Infrastructure includes operations that directly affect the growing Orebro. More people need housing and business needs premises. It also involves the construction of new streets, parks and other things that will be in a growing city. This part also includes costs for including firefighting and airport.


Number of building permits: 1453

Number of local natural and cultural reserves: 20

Total km of roadways and pedestrian and cycle paths: 738

Asphalt Maintenance lanes and pedestrian and bicycle paths: SEK 13 million

Culture and leisure – SEK 5

By working together with associations and other players created the conditions for a meaningful leisure activities and a lively varied cultural. In the Culture and Leisure conducts libraries, recreation centers, sports, swimming, theater, music and more.


The annual number of visitors in Haga, Eyra and Brick Backen asked: 560 000

The number of eligible activities in sports clubs for boys and girls, 10-20 years: 63 000

Number of books and e-book lending on the municipality’s library: 700 000

Other educational activities – £ 2

All adult education are now gathered under one roof, Campus Risbergska. It provides a good opportunity to help more people on the job.


SFI participants during the year: 2343

Study places, professional courses: 526

Full-time places, basic adl: 413

Full-time places, secondary adl: 266

Political activity – £ 1

Örebro has 22 policy committees, which the City Council is the highest political body. Political activities relate primarily mentioned operations, fees to the elected representatives, support to political parties, auditing, and administration of the municipality’s political organization.
Labor and refugees – £ 1 (0.43)

With the labor market measures Örebro organize, get support people to move closer to the labor market. The total refugee reception decreases slowly, but are still relatively high.


Number of participants in labor market measures: 1683

Number of refugees received people: 530

Number of persons designated for permanent residence under the law of residence: 234

The municipality’s economy

The City Council sets the program that sets goals and direction for the local business. These policies often have a multiannual perspective. Prior to each year decide City Council on the financial and operational directive that sets out the objectives for finance and operations committees to achieve during the year.

Each committee, an economic framework for operational costs. The committees are responsible for the operations financed within the financial framework and conducted in accordance with the objectives and guidelines that the city council has established programs and activities Directive.

The contributory activities – Plumbing and waste operations – has balance responsibility and the long term to finance its operations entirely by external or internal revenues.

Budget and Analysis

Monitoring, evaluation and analysis is the basis for the budget and the budget process in Örebro Municipality attaches great importance to this.

By finding out what the citizens of the Municipality of Örebro get for your money and ask why it was in one way or another, conditions are created for the municipality to be able to offer the right service at the right cost.


The annual report is the municipal accounts to the council and thus very important in the budget. Here are descriptions and comments on the aims, development and outcome. Objectives and results are compared and explanations available as to why it was that it was. Personal financial statements are also included in the annual report. Budget, annual accounts and staff accounts can be found in the document archive.

After the City Council’s decision on the financial and operational directives of June begins the work of committees and companies with formulating objectives, policies and budget for its own operation. By December, decisions on internal budget for the coming year. And so begins work on the budget and the annual report again.

Do you have the budget, operations directives or annual report on paper (or earlier versions) contact the Service Center, 019-21 10 00th

Procurement and supplier information

Information for those interested in becoming a supplier to Örebro.

Funding and Rating

Information on funding and rating–politik/ekonomi–budget.html

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