Training and Education for Adults
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Training and Education for Adults

Here you will find information about the various training options, such as whether to study at university, college or through adult education.

Not sure what you want to study or need help finding the right training, contact The counselors at the Guidance Center . College and University

At the college and university can read individual courses or entire programs full time, half time or remotely. Some colleges and universities also offer summer courses.

Admission Rules. Online application for college and university.

Information and registration for the university entrance exam. Study information. Search and compare programs.

Örebro university

Read on to study at Örebro University on the side of university studies . Folk high schools

Adult education fits you

18 years and up.

want to study in primary or secondary education.

are interested in specialty areas such as the environment, music, media, art, leisure education.

Folk high schools in Örebro County

Fellingsbro college

Fields of study: Adult Education: General Course, school eligibility. Occupation, teckenspråk- and dövblindtolk, syntolk, reading teacher, personal assistant to the Swedish as a second language. Profile Classes: Sign Language, Swedish as a second language, Project Course, Basic, wellness.

Hällefors college

Training areas: general line, form and design line, set design line and theater line.

Karlskoga Folk High School

Fields of study: Adult Education, among others. a. in the media sector, crafts, recreation leader, personal assistant and aphasia line.

Kävesta college

Fields of study: General line dance line, line art and design and music program.

Mo Gård folk high school – a sign language college

Education: General courses, senior courses in computer science, SFI on sign language and on behalf also sign language courses.

Orebro folkhögskola

Fields of study: General courses, recreation leader and Bible schools.

Örebro Theological college

Fields of study: Theology, religious studies.

Folk high schools in Sweden

All high schools in Sweden

Nätbildarna – adult education at a distance


Polytechnic education (Polytechnic) is a form of education at tertiary level, combining theoretical studies with a strong work related activities.

It is qualified vocational training that is tailored needs of working life and the activities of both private and public education.

Yh courses mix theory with practice and often includes LIA (Learning at work) in the workplace. The programs are typically 1-2 years long, free of charge and are eligible for student aid.

They conclude with a polytechnic or alternatively a qualified degree. Yh courses organized in many places in the country. Currently there are about 44,000 students in the polytechnic.

Learn more about and apply for polytechnic

On you can see which programs available in the county.

Adult education

Municipal adult education Municipal adult education is for those who want to supplement your previous education, read the eligibility for higher studies, raise your competence in your job or get a new training in a new profession. Adult education also provides validation of knowledge and experience in different fields, such as health care.

On you will find information on how to seek training. Here you are a student in adult education also log on to Fronter.

Training courses on adult education

Basic Education

Secondary education

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI)

Lärvux – education for adults with different types of functional variations. 

Validation in health care

Adult vocational

Vocational education is a government initiative that applies to vocational training in secondary education for adults.

The training is for those who need a vocational secondary education. Vocational secondary education for adults are offered in several areas. The training is organized by the Municipality of Örebro in cooperation with different education. All courses are CSN eligible.

Information about our vocational training programs can be found on adult education website. supplementary education

Supplementary education is a complement to secondary education by the focus on a subject or profession. They provide no formal eligibility for further studies, but can be seen as vocational training or preparation for higher education where some skill is required, for example, arts and crafts programs.

Supplementary education in Örebro County

People’s University in Örebro

Orebro Konstskola Distance learning

At the Learning Center , you can read at a distance where you meet other distance learners.

mathematics Courses

In the spring of 2018, you can read mathematics 1 abc, abc 2, and 3 bc remotely. For information about the courses, contact Christer Wickberg 019-21 60 81st

If you want to prepare for your mathematics studies are preparandkurser here .

Study associations operate with high schools what we call public education. The study circle is the most common form of study and also the most consistent educational associations. Several of the study associations also work with customized corporate training. In Örebro there are nine study.






Sensus study


Study Promotion Association in Örebro

Adult Education Association–utbildning/utbildning-for-vuxna/utbildningar.html

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