Maintenance support / welfare in Orebro city

If you can not support yourself or your family, you can apply for income support. Maintenance support is also called social assistance or welfare. The grant will be enough for the most necessary, such as food, clothing and housing. The goal is always to income support should be temporary and that you will become self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

How do I apply for welfare benefits

How to apply for welfare benefits.

Follow my application – e-service for those who have income support

If you have an ongoing income support case can track your application for income support through your computer, phone or tablet through the e-service “Follow my application for income support” . E-service was previously named “My income support”.

Who can get income support

In order to get income support should you have done everything you can to obvious your and your family’s livelihood. You should, for example, have applied for other grants and benefits you may be entitled to, such as housing, unemployment, parental insurance, maintenance or sickness.

You must be a Swedish citizen or foreign citizen with a residence permit in Sweden. You must reside or stay in Örebro. If you are married or cohabiting

If you are married or cohabiting, you have a dependents against each other and you have to support your husband, wife or partner as hen has a responsibility to support yourself. Your common revenue and expenditure is then the basis for the application. If you are unemployed, sick or studying at SFI

If you are unemployed you are required to actively look for work and participating in the Employment Service’s efforts for job seekers.

If you are sick, you should be on sick leave with a medical certificate and apply for sickness benefits at the Social Insurance.

Are you a student at SFI are required to actively participate in your planning through school.

If you own assets

If you own assets in the bank, or for example a car, real estate, mutual funds or stocks, they can be included in your application for income support. Depending on how easy it is to use and sell the assets can in some cases be able to sell them for a certain period of time, known as a respite. After rådrummets final count value of the assets as income in the calculation.

How big is the grant

Supply subsidy is calculated on the basis of an established standard, and household finances and situation. Norm and acceptable costs

The norm for income support changes every year based on the national norm that the government has decided on. In Örebro we calculate aid based Örebro income support standard (PDF, 99.5 KB) , which specifies the amount that will cover the common costs of a household.

You may also be entitled to certain eligible costs medräknade the application, such as housing costs, household, insurance, medical care and medicine. Calculation of income support

In the calculation of income support count all household income with. Examples of income are salary, unemployment insurance, contributions from the insurance and fund your account. It is important that you report all income on the application. Leaving you incorrect information, you may be investigated for benefit fraud.

All data is compiled and we check if your money is enough for you to reach what is called a reasonable standard of living.

Sample Calculation of income support

You can make a sample calculation on to see if your finances are at a level that may be eligible for financial assistance. Keep in mind that the calculation is not a final decision, because there are many factors that determine whether you are eligible for aid or not. In each case, an individual assessment.

What if I am unhappy with the decision

If you are unhappy with a decision you have the right to appeal against it. More information on the appeal

The appeal must be in writing and submitted to the Livelihood than three weeks from the date you received the written decision. Contact your administrator if you want help writing your appeal.

When the appeal comes in takes Administrator on Livelihood decide whether the information you have in front makes the decision to be changed. It is therefore important that you clearly explain what you want changed and why. Enclose any evidence you need to get changed.

If the administrator does not change the decision, so it is forwarded to the Administrative Court.

The Administrative Court in Karlstad information about how to appeal.

What if it goes wrong

Recovery of maintenance support

You do not normally reimburse paid income support. But in some situations, you may be liable to repay, for example when you are waiting for compensation or remuneration alternative is embroiled in a labor dispute. There may also be occasions where you had too much money paid, or if you made false statements.
Contributions Crime

Each time you submit an application for income support will you sign this. In connection with this, you ensure that the information provided is correct. If you provide false information, you risk being liable to repay the wrongly paid amount, but can also be reported to the police for benefit fraud.

Reporting benefit fraud

If you suspect that someone mistakenly receiving financial assistance from the municipality, you can contact one of our social workers investigating improper payments.

Call us on telephone 019-21 37 17 or 019-21 40 94. Notification can also be made in writing to the Income support, PO Box 34220, 701 35 Örebro.

Information on income support for those who


Under the law, parents are obliged to support their children until the age of 18. If young people still in school after the hen aged 18 extended duty, and apply to, until the young leave school, but no longer than until the hen reaches 21 years.

Young people who have interrupted their high school education

If you cancel your high school education before you turn 18, your parents will support you. If you are over 18 and not studying in high school, you are entitled to apply for welfare benefits for your own part. If you are cohabiting or married, you should apply with your partner. To receive financial aid, the same rules apply as for other unemployed.

Young people who want to move away from home

Young people who wish to move home can only receive assistance for housing costs when there are very specific reasons for the move. Each case is considered individually. The basic idea is that young people can not leave home until they can pay for their own accommodation. As a rule, it can be as a youth in the parental home does not receive financial assistance to rent.

Young people 16-19 years who for some reason can not live with their parents can fit on a supported housing. To make room on the accommodation needs youth apply to the social welfare office. For more information on supported housing.

As a student, you should primarily support yourself through Central Student Aid, CSN, during the study periods. Are you studying at SFI, you are entitled to Income support if you follow your schedule and do what you can to be otherwise eligible for income support.

If you are not granted student aid and has no other student is the main rule is that you can not continue your studies and get income support instead. You then need to either show that you are actively looking for work or on sick leave in order to be eligible for income support.

Only in exceptional cases can study while maintaining subsistence allowance granted. One such exception applies to studies at the primary level, where for investigation of Study and careers in some cases can study while maintaining social benefits. To get the opportunity to do an investigation, you should contact your caseworker on income support.

Income support for students during study breaks

In the first instance, as a student seeking summer jobs to support yourself during study break. If you do not have a job the same demands on you as a second job. It is therefore important that you show that you are in time for the summer doing what you can to secure your own livelihood by searching all possible summer jobs available and are relevant to you.

You count as a student if you are studying on a student qualifying education.

If you can not get any job you may be eligible for income support if:

the need can not be met in other ways, for example through its own assets or income,

you are actively looking for work and registered at the Employment Service or if you are sick with a medical certificate and has applied for sickness benefits.

If you are married / cohabiting, you should submit a joint application for income support.

If you did not receive a summer job

If you still actively looking for work unable to find work during the summer break, you will be assigned an internship / job. More information on training duration and the places that are get when you are contacted by a student officer at the Livelihood.

Livelihood of advances and repayment of the

If you got a summer job but it will be before you get your first paycheck, you can if you otherwise qualify to be eligible for income support grant assistance as advances on future income. The same applies if it will be before you receive unemployment benefits or other compensation.

If you receive income support while waiting for other income an individual repayment plan drawn up based on when your income is expected to come. Lack housing

There is no general statutory right to housing. Primarily, it is the individual’s responsibility to plan for his life, both in economy and housing.

The municipality has no housing to communicate – you must turn to landlords in the municipality, search the internet where homes are advertised, trying to find temporary solutions inherent, shared housing and the like.

Often it is easier to find housing outside the major municipalities. In the first place you should look for an apartment where you have the greatest opportunity to get. To have debts hamper course, the ability to get home, but is not an absolute obstacle.

The social services have the ultimate responsibility to those who reside in the municipality receive the support and assistance it needs. For some groups, such as the elderly and disabled, the municipality has a special responsibility.


For those without a fixed abode, the municipality has a night shelter. In order to get a spot at the shelter , contact the municipal social services .

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