To associations and cultural support
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To associations and cultural support

Örebro provides support and contributions to associations in Orebro. There are also various cultural media to search, for example, artists, craftsmen and for young people who want to carry out cultural events. For rural development are such events grants, development and start-up grant. 

Search contribution to your association

Compounds that meet Örebro Municipality’s demands for a club can apply for grants within its compound category, for example, sport or culture. The grant provides some financial support for union activities and will encourage to pursue such diverse activities as possible.

Go to the page that applies to your organization category to see what contribution you can search. If you are not sure which compound category you belong to, contact Örebro municipality’s Service Center for help.

sports clubs

A sports is defined as compound of core in the form of a sport and connected to Riksidrottsförbundet.
Subsidies for sports clubs

Idea-based compounds

A non-profit educational association is defined as a compound having mainly children and young people who do not fall under the other categories of association. Examples of the idea-based compound is ethnic compounds, religious organizations or youth scout compounds.
Contributions for idea-based compounds

Municipal grants to study associations

The study associations that are active in Örebro municipality can apply for an annual municipal subsidy from Örebro.
Grants for adult education

cultural associations

Compounds which operates mainly in the arts, such as dance, art, theater and literature.
Contributions for cultural

Compounds in the social field

Compounds in the social sector can apply for financial support to associations that complement the municipal social services activities and / or for people with disabilities.
Subsidies for associations in the social field

Associations for the elderly

Associations, organizations, councils and groups engaged in activities for the elderly (over 65 years) may apply for support from the Municipality of Örebro.
Activity support for the elderly

allotment Associations

Compounds that drives the plots of municipal land can apply for maintenance grants.

Contributions for allotment associations

political youth

Political youth whose mother party is represented in the City Council can apply for two types of grants; primary and seat contributions.
Contributions for political youth


Students at Örebro University can apply for financial assistance to a student organization or student projects.
Contributions to student organizations and student projects

leisure Prize

Nominate a compound of children and young people to leisure price.

cultural support

studio Support

sanctuary Scholarship

Millencolin Music Prize

young money

Wadköping scholarship

Support for rural development

Non-profit associations and organizations active in Örebro municipality’s rural areas can apply for various grants for rural development.

Development of rural areas

Events Contributions rural

Start-up aid for associations in rural areas

Contributions to community centers in rural areas–fritid/foreningsstod/foreningsbidrag–kulturstod.html

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