Wadköping (museum)
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Wadköping (museum)

Wadköping is a tourist destination and open-air museum in central Örebro. With its wooden houses and farms, Wadköping depicts Örebro’s older buildings, urban environment and inhabitants. Here you will find museums, exhibitions, café and restaurant, woodworkers, a booth, bakery and many other shops and craft shops. The museum has its name from Hjalmar Bergman’s fictional town of Wadköping. The area is adjacent to Stadsparken and Svartån / Örebro canal. In Wadköping, old buildings from Örebro’s central parts have been collected. The oldest houses are the Kungsstugan from the 15th or 16th century and the Borgarhuset (“Cajsa Warg’s house”) from the 17th century. The district was inaugurated in 1965 in connection with Örebro’s 700th anniversary. Wadköping is open year-round


Already in the early 1940s, cultural-historical and municipal interest in Örebro realized that it was high time to save some of the old buildings in the city to the afterlife. A proposal came from the country antiquary Bertil Waldén to create a cultural reserve at Lars Bohm’s headland in Stadsparken, where the Kungsstugan and Borgarhuset already existed. The idea was from the beginning that many of the relocated buildings could serve as homes, workshops and studios for artists and writers

It was not until 1956 that the matter began to move forward. In connection with the renewal of the old South in Örebro, it was realized that there were buildings that should be included in the future Wadköping. Therefore, in connection with the demolition, parts of the building were marked, the timber stored, and detailed drawings prepared. The plan was for the first phase of Wadköping to be clearly in connection with Örebro’s 700th anniversary in 1965.

The planning took place, and King Gustaf VI Adolf inaugurated the cultural reserve on June 4, 1965. A further thirty years later, in 1994, the second stage of Wadköping could be inaugurated

Ever since Wadköping was inaugurated, it has been a tradition in the summer to hold theater performances in the open air. The first event of this kind was called the Wadköping Games. The performances were initially given at Wadköping Square in front of Borgarhuset and Kungsstugan. Later the performances were given at the special outdoor scene – Spelgården. Responsible for the performances was for many years the amateur theater company Wadköping’s actors, but the county theater in Örebro has also staged performances in Wadköping. Numbers are not only arranged for theater, but also singing, music and children’s performances


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