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Adolfsberg, Örebro

Adolfsberg, Örebro

Adolfsberg is a district in the urban area of ​​Örebro in Örebro municipality, located just south of central Örebro.
The district is surrounded by Västerleden in the west, Gustavsvik in the north, Bondsätter in the south and Sörbyskogen in the east. The area is administratively divided into Adolfsberg West and Adolfsberg Östra where the two parts in 2011 had about 7700 inhabitants.

Adolfsberg, Örebro

Before Örebro’s major expansion during the 1950s, the area lay quite isolated and was an excursion destination for the well-to-do Örebroare who visited the local brunnsverksamheten or one of the many cafes that grew in the area during the early 1900s.


The buildings in Adolfsberg are varied, with emphasis on single-family villas and townhouses.

The center of Adolfsberg is located on the floor of Adolf Mörner, an open space in Adolfsberg. The center consists of an ICA shop, a pizzeria, the dance track Regnbågen and the Brunnsparken folk park.

Brunnsparken, in lower Adolfsberg, is an old folk park, which has hosted concerts of greats such as Chuck Berry , Boney M, John Miles, Gyllene Tider, Roxette, Lars Winnerbäck, Thåström and other acts over the years. The Brunnspark has been named after the spa that once existed there.


Here, among other things, there is an English park where there has been a temple that Queen Kristina received as a gift and was intended as a hunting lodge. However, this temple, which was also called the “chapel”, burned down on August 16, 2010.

In Lower Adolfsberg, many of the street names are related to wells, such as Loka gränd, Surbrunnsgränd and Porla gränd, while upper Adolfsberg has a distinct insect theme, such as Getingvägen, Guldvingestigen, “Ollonborrstigen” and Lysmaskstigen. Some streets have also been named after local personalities, such as Magister Nilsson’s Road, Kalle Post’s Road, Kvast-Johannas Väg and Elof Ljunggrens Väg.,_Örebro

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