Svante Nilsson (Sture)
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Svante Nilsson (Sture)

Svante Nilsson (Sture) was born around 1460 at Penningby as the son of the Swedish National Council, the chief white man and the knight Nils Bosson Sture (Night and Day) (about 34) and Birgitta Bonde (about 21). Svante’s father was of the family Natt and Dag but he took his mother’s surname Sture.

As early as 1482, Svante entered the national council and at the same time became chief of the Örebro castle. Already very active in political life, during the Russian war he also proved to be very capable as a warrior and made himself particularly famous by the rapid coup he carried out on August 26, 1496, when he entered the Russian fortress Ivangorod.

However, he became an enemy with Sten Sture, which meant that he suddenly left the war and went home to Sweden.
After that, he then helped the Danish king Hans (Johan II) to win over Sten Sture i.e. and come to power in Sweden.
However, he was not rewarded for his efforts as he had expected, which meant that he began to make plans with his former enemy, Sten Sture, where they promised each other mutual support against the king. Then they organized a rebellion against the king in 1501, which led to Sten Sture once again becoming the governor of the state, and Svante was promised to be there after Sten Sture died.

When Sten Sture died in 1503, in January 1504, Svante became the national director. From his representative he inherited the war against Denmark, which went on, with a few minor interruptions, throughout his reign. His position was also made more difficult as he was constantly opposed by Sten Sture’s allies and there was really only one who supported him and it was his close friend Hemming Gadh.
Svante married about 1486 to Iliana Gädda, who died in 1495. With her he had two sons, where Sten Sture d.y. can be mentioned.
On November 17, 1504, he married Metta Ivarsdotter (Dyre) of Denmark, who survived him for at least 15 years (she was still living in September 1526)

There are various records of when Svante died, one declaring December 31, 1511 and the other January 2, 1512. He died at least in Västerås and was buried in Västerås cathedral

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