Örebro city in the winter

Winter tends to last for a while in Örebro – at least five to six months

You should also be prepared for very ‘short’ days, with as little as six hours of sunlight a day around winter solstice, just before Christmas

And things just keep running, and there are actually a lot of winter-friendly sights and activities to keep you busy

sights and activities to keep you busy

During cold winters, Örebro receives plenty of snowfall. Örebro is far more prone than coastal areas to really harsh frosts with temperatures approaching or below −20 °C (−4 °F) happening almost every winter according to SMHI statistics

Although the city of Orebro is cold in the winter, life continues in its old roads and around its magnificent castle
Orebro is a great city with lots of stories and history .. worth a visit


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