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is a urban area in Närke in the municipality of Hallsberg, with a small part in the municipality of Kumla. Hallsberg is the central town in Hallsberg municipality and is mainly known as a railway junction

Hallsberg is largely situated on a rock-stone lock, Örebroåsen, and has grown since 1862, when a station house was built here a few kilometers from the church and the former church village in Hallsbergs parish. Hallsberg is largely a station society, which has emerged as a result of the freight line through Bergslagen and the Western main line meeting here.

The actual upswing for Hallsberg came when the industry founded by Johan Thermænius was moved here from Torshälla. In the beginning, the production included building forging, but gradually focused solely on threshing machines, grain cleaners and more. AB Johan Thermæniu’s workshops were internationally known. Later on, it became a subsidiary of AB Arvikaverken

Hallsberg was and is a place in Hallsbergs parish with some northeast of Sandängen in Kumla parish. After the municipal reform in 1862, the resort came to lie mainly in Hallsberg’s county municipality and in this was established on August 31, 1883 the municipal community Hallsberg. In 1908, the municipal community was excavated with other areas from the county municipality and formed Hallsberg’s shopping area even smaller parts of Kumla’s county municipality were conducted. In 1963, the whole of Hallsberg’s county municipality was incorporated into the purchase, and in 1965 Viby land municipality and Hallsberg’s buildings then only included a small part of the shopping municipality’s area. In 1971, the purchase took place in Hallsberg municipality, where Hallsberg has since become a central town

Hallsberg belonged and belongs to Hallsberg’s parish with a small part belonging to the Kumla parish

The resort was in 1907 in Kumla County, then until 1928 in Kumla, Grimstens and Hardemotingslag, then until 1948 in Hallsberg’s district and finally in 1971 in Västernärke’s court case. From 1971 to 2001, the town in Hallsberg’s court case was included in 2001 as part of the Örebro court case

In Hallsberg is Ahlsell logistics center and Volvo’s cab production for wheel loaders and dumpers.

In September 2010, it became known that Posten Norden will build a new letter terminal in the resort, which must be completed by 2013. The terminal is planned to have a staff of 350 people, and will replace the letter terminals in Karlstad and Västerås. In 2014, parts of the operations from Posten’s ODR terminal in Norrköping are also planned to be located at Hallsberg

In Hallsberg, during the First World War, one of nine cereal warehouses was erected, which acted as stockpiles of food. The warehouse in Hallsberg was owned by Svenska Lagerhus AB until about 1990 and has since then had several different private owners. The building was in a rather poor condition with damage and moisture damage. Thoughts about rebuilding the house into offices have existed but been abandoned

The building was demolished in March 2013

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