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Hällefors is a town and city center in Hällefors municipality in Örebro county

Hällefors was and is a church village in Hällefors parish, where Hällefors land municipality was established at the municipal reform in 1862. The county municipality was converted in 1950 to Hällefors shopping where Hällefors building covered only a small part of the shopping municipality’s area. In 1971, the purchase in Hällefors municipality with Hällefors was the central town

In church terms, Hällefors has always belonged to Hällefors parish

Judicially, the town has been part of the same court and district court as Hällefors parish

In Hällefors is Hällefors church, Pihlskolan’s gymnasium and Krokbornsparken, as well as the residential areas (with sculpture parks): Mästarnas Park, Polstjärnan and Millesparken. Also the now closed Formens house can be found here.

Hällefors has a folk high school, Hällefors folk high school, which leads courses in, among other things, design, jewelry art, theater, scenography and culture.

On the outskirts of Hällefors is Sweden’s oldest folk park, Krokbornsparken, today a building memory

In Hällefors there is also HundCampus which, among other things, is part of the CancerSökHund Foundation (SCSH) together with the Karolinska Institute and Gävle Hospital. At HundCampus, dogs and drivers are trained in different areas where the dogs’ sense of smell can be used while researching the dog’s sense of smell

Hellefors Brewery, now (since April 2008) owned by Spendrup’s brewery, is located between Hällefors and Grythyttan. The steel group Ovako has facilities in Hällefors as well as Stora Enso, which has a large timber terminal for reloading timber from truck to train. About 11 km northwest of the resort is Hällefors airfield

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