Örebro Stadspark

Örebro Stadspark

Örebro Stadspark is a park next to Svartån in Örebro. Initiative for the park was taken by auditor M.E. Bäckström, who in 1862 formed the “Tree Planting and Gardening Association in Örebro“. In 1863 one bought in the area where the park is today. The following year, a gardener was hired, and another year later, plants began to be planted. The park is about eight hectares large and was given its current design in 1933 following a proposal by the city architect Georg Arn. In 1971, the municipality took over the responsibility from the previous owners.

In Stadsparken there is a large playground for children with associated paddling pool. There is a scene for outdoor performances. There are also tennis courts run by Örebro Tennis Club

In the eastern end of Stadsparken is the open-air museum Wadköping. In the summertime you can get to Stora Holmen, where there are further attractions for children.

Örebro Stadspark was named August 23, 2004, as Sweden’s most beautiful park

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